Business relocation

A team of experienced specialists will be waiting for you at Ganz Möbeltransport AG. Whether you need to move materials from your office, storage or archive, you can depend upon our professional service.


Modern business relocation calls for reliable planning. Many businesspeople fail to give this fact of life the attention it deserves - which results in an unnecessary disruption to business operations during the relocation period.

In addition to our own relocation planning service, we can also offer space and task planning services in collaboration with our partner companies.

You should therefore request an initial non-binding discussion at an early stage with one of our relocation consultants.

Installing office furniture

We have collaborated with all the well-known suppliers of office furniture for many years, so our fitters have acquired the expertise needed to carry out the following tasks efficiently and faultlessly:

  • Re-assembly of existing and newly-purchased furnishings 
  • Dismantling and re-assembly for relocation
  • Management of the furnishings in your own storage or in our furniture warehouse


Please do  not underestimate the importance of this work, or the time required to carry it out.

Office materials and archived or storage goods must be packed in suitable containers, both to protect them from damage and ensure that the relocation can take place efficiently.

Our specialists will provide you with expert advice on the choice of suitable packing materials for your relocation. If you do not have any available staff of your own to do the packing, our trained transport packers will happily take on the task on your behalf.

Loading - Transporting - Unloading

The right vehicle in the right place at the right time, with a well-integrated transportation team - all these guarantee a smooth relocation. 

Special conditions arising from the buildings or the terrain call for special transport solutions.

Even if the assignment is complex, we guarantee that it will be executed on time and at high quality, avoiding any unnecessary interruptions to your work and the associated costs.

Furniture logistics

Outsourcing these activities will bring you many advantages. The problem of building services staff who are frequently under-used and then hopelessly overloaded at peak times will become a thing of the past.

Our specialists take a professional view of this work - which would otherwise, be regarded as a spare-time activity by your company's caretaker - and they carry it out more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, you only have to pay when our staff really are working for you.

Our fitters have mastered the installation tasks required for the systems normally available on the market. We take it for granted that our demeanour should be calm and clean.